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Cybersecurity Services

Cyber vulnerability testing and risk assessment services surrounding IoT cyber risk, business unit realignment, network asset inventory, and more, as well as security training and education

COSECURE offers a broad range of cyber vulnerability testing and risk assessment services surrounding cloud provider arrangements. Our team validates critical adherence to best practices by cloud service providers to maximize security in cloud engagement processes. This review includes proper configuration and security rule review, as well as full external vulnerability assessments against internet-facing servers and internal vulnerability assessments against internal-facing servers.

  • Microsoft: Azure Compute, Identity, and Backup; Office 365 and other services
  • Amazon: Elastic Computing 2 (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), S3 Glacier, Route 53, and other services
  • Google: Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and other services

Internet of Things (IoT) Cyber Risk Assessments

  • CCTV risk assessments: IP Cameras are the most prevalent IoT devices on today’s corporate networks. We configure and test IP cameras to ensure the best possible cyber protection.
  • Printers and copiers: Printers and copiers are multifunctional network assets with access to Windows shares. We prevent access through these devices by securing the settings appropriately.

Business Unit Realignment Cyber Assessments

  • Business reorganizations: These require proper alignment of access rights on a new entities’ network. COSECURE provides a complete personnel audit to ensure only properly authorized employees have access to sensitive files.
  • Company mergers: Merging two companies is complex from a security point of view. COSECURE guides companies in creating a safe Active Directory offering access to the right teams.

Social Engineering Education and Testing

  • Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Whaling: These are common threats to companies that often result in a security breach. COSECURE provides frequent testing and training for employees that help companies stop attackers at their entry point.
  • Vishing: This is phishing done over the phone where an attacker poses as a member of an IT department and tries to get the employee to provide usernames and passwords. The attacker uses this information to achieve a full cyber breach. COSECURE's social engineering staff tests and trains employees to avert this vulnerability.

Passive and Active Password Risk Assessments

  • Passive Password Risk Assessment: COSECURE assesses company passive passwords and compares them with known password breaches to determine if your organization is susceptible to this type of attack.
  • Active Password Risk Assessment: After conducting a passive password risk assessment, COSECURE conducts active password risk assessments, iterating common passwords to generate passwords which are related to those breached. We provide best practices for using passwords within your company.

Network Asset Inventory Assessment

  • Network Asset Inventory: COSECURE analysts take a full inventory of all computers and devices on a company’s network to assess for potential gaps in security, unaccounted devices, and other outdated information. Our team provides a full list of what we find so that companies may take the necessary steps to secure the network.

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COSECURE, an ancillary business of Cozen O'Connor, has been on the leading edge of security and risk management for over 20 years and is actively protecting global Fortune 100 companies, law and technology firms, and high net worth individuals.

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